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The Romanian Seaside

Location: in the eastern part of Romania, on the territory of Tulcea and Constanta Counties.

Description: The Romanian Seaside is 245 km long and lies between the mouth of Chilia Branch and Vama Veche locality. The Romanian Seaside is recommended for spa treatment based on the marine bio-climate, on the presence of sapropelic mud, on the lakes with water rich in minerals, on the sulphur mesothermal springs (from Mangalia). The features of the bio-climate, the acknowledged qualities of the Romanian beaches and of the sea water are offering excellent conditions for heliotherapy, sand therapy and thalassic-therapy.

The beaches are looking towards east which explains the fact that the duration of the sun exposure during the day is over 10 hours per day. In most of the cases the beaches are natural ones and the sand has a fine granulation. The beaches are wide, reaching 500 m in width at Mamaia and Techirghiol. The shelf is gently sliding, being very favorable for bathing in the sea or for the water games.

The sea water has salinity quite low and a chemical composition, which are very favorable for the human body and it is recommended for sea bathing, diving and nautical sports. The sea waves and the air rich in aerosols represent the premises of practicing the thalassic-therapy.

The marine bio-climate is characterized by: great stability of the temperature, low precipitations, many sunny days, sea breeze, and air rich in aerosols. This climate has a double impact on the human body: one is stimulating the body (it is due to the great intensity of the ultraviolet radiations and to the high level of iodine) and the other is sedative due to the stability of the air pressure, the humidity of the air and the slight variation of the temperature.

The Romanian Seaside offers multiple possibilities for leisure: bowling, tennis, volleyball, football, badminton, riding (at the stud from Mangalia), nautical sports.

From north to south the following seaside resorts are coming one after another: Navodari, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia, 2 Mai, Vama Veche.

Other tourist attractions are:

  • Gura Dobrogei Cave.
  • Limanu Cave.
  • The marine sand-dunes from Agigea.
  • The lakes (with sweet water): Siutghiol, Neptun, Belona, Jupiter, Tabacariei.



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