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The lakes with glacial origin

The presence of the quaternary glaciers in the Carpathian Mountains determined the formation of the glacial circuses and valleys, many of them sheltering afterwards lakes. They are to be found at altitudes over 1900-2000 m.

In Rodna Mountains the following lakes are to be found: Lala Mare Lake, Buhaiescu Lake, Iezeru Pietrosului Lake, Repedea Lake. Lala Mare Lake has an aria of 5637 square meters and it is 1,6 meters in deep. Lala Mica Lake has an aria of 1550 square meters and it is 0,4 meters in deep.

In Fagaras Mountains there are 30 glacial lakes, among them being Balea Lake, Capra Lake, Avrig Lake, Caltun Lake, Urlea Lake, Podragu Lake, Podragel Lake, Doamnei Lake.



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