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Gorges & defiles

The Iron Gates

Location: The Iron Gates are situated in the aria between Varciorova locality and Gura Vaii locality (Mehedinti County).
Description: The name applies to the region where the Danube River cuts through the Carpathian Mountains forming a spectacular defile. The Danube Defile contains some of the best preserved archeological sites from the southeastern Europe. Many were discovered during the surveys undertaken in 1960 before the construction of the two hydropower stations start. The karstic relief and the interesting vegetation which contains southern elements and many rare species of plants are other attractions which recommend visiting these places

Cazanele Dunarii

Location: Cazanele Dunarii designates a part of Danube’s Defile, covering the aria between Dubova and Ogradena localities.
Description: This sector of the Danube Defile is 9 km long. Here the Danube Valley is getting narrow being 180-200 m in width. The walls are almost vertical, caves and eddies appear. In the Cazanele Mari region there are Gura Ponicovei and Veterani caves. This region is a natural complex reservation. The calcareous rocks called Ciucarul Mare and Ciucarul Mic draw the attention especially by their interesting vegetation.

The Olt’s Defile

Location: it is located between Turnu Rosu and Cozia localities.
Description: The Olt’s Defile is 17 km long and separates Fagaras Mountains from Lotru Mountains. Along the defile there are a railway and a main road which facilitate the access between Sibiu and Rm.Valcea. The sceneries are magnificent. Cozia Mountain is 1668 m high and presents a picturesque relief with steeps, indented ridges, anthropomorphic forms (Cozia’s Sphinx, the Little Shepard, the Outlaw, the Bear and the Pharaoh) and also an interesting vegetation with many rare species of plants. You can also visit Cozia Monastery or Stanisoara Monastery.

The Jiu Defile

Location: between Livezeni and Bumbesti-Jiu localities, Gorj County.
Description: The Jiu Defile was realized by Jiu River separating the Parang Mountains and the Valcan Mountains. It is 30 km long.

The Mures Defile

Location: between Toplita and Deda localities.
Description: The Mures Defile is cut by the Mures River into the andesitic and the pyroclastic rocks of the volcanic mountains which are separated by the river: Harghita Mountains and Gurghiu Mountains. It is 50 km long and 80-100 m in width.

The Turda Gorges

Location: They are situated in the proximity of Petrestii de Jos commune, Cluj County.
Description: The gorges are cut by the river Hasdate in the northern part of Trascau Mountains (Apuseni Mountains). The walls, 100 m high and strongly fragmented, the numerous caves and the floristic diversity complete a picturesque scenery which recommends this place as an important tourist objective. As a curiosity, this is the place with the lowest altitude from Romania (540 m ) where the edelweiss appears.

The Bicaz Gorges

Location: They are situated between the Lacu Rosu Resort and the Bicaz-Chei commune.
Description: The Bicaz Gorges are cut by Bicaz River in the central-eastern part of Hasmasu Mountains. They are 8 km long. In this area Bicaz Valley is flanked by some heights locally called “Pietre”( Stones) like Piatra Altarului (the Altar’s Stone), Piatra Arsitei ( the Burnt Stone), Piatra Glodului( the Mud Stone). In the central part of the Bicaz Gorges there is the most spectacular point called “the Devil’s Throat” which consists in very steep walls situated very close one to another so the sun rays can not reach to the surface of the water. The region is very frequented by the alpinists. The Bicaz Gorges are a natural protected reservation.

The Nera Gorges

Location: Nera Gorges are situated nearby Sopotu Nou village, Caras-Severin County.
Description: These picturesque and wild gorges were realized by Nera River at the point where the river leaves Almaj Depression and they separate Locvei Mountains and Semenic Mountains. The gorges are 18 km long. In this region it is organized Cheile Nerei-Beusnita Reservation which protects plants like the lilac, the motley tulip, the thorn, the smoke tree.

The Sohodol Gorges

Location: in the proximity of Runcu commune, Gorj County.
Description: The Sohodol Gorges were realized by the homonymous river in the calcareous rocks of Valcan Mountains. A tourist attraction is considered to be the “Narile” (“the Nostrils”). In this place were filmed some scenes for “Iancu Jianu” movie.

The Oltet Gorges

Location: in the proximity of Polovragi commune, Gorj County.
Description: The Oltet Gorges were realized in the calcareous rocks of Capatanii Mountains. In this place there is to be found Polovragi Cave where Zamolxis, the God of the Geto-Dacians.

The Zugreni Gorges

Location: are situated in the superior course of Bistrita River.
Description: The Zugreni Gorges are formed by Bistrita River between the Giumalau Massif and the Pietrosu Bistritei Massif.

The Ramet Gorges

Location: in the proximity of Ramet commune, Alba County.
Description: The Ramet Gorges were realized by Stremt River in the calcareous rocks of the Trascau Mountains. The Ramet Gorges are extremely narrow, with steep walls. At the basis of the walls there can be found caves’ mouths. The region was declared natural reservation.



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