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Danube Delta

Danube Delta is situated on the eastern part of Romania. There is a lot of things you can say about Danube Delta and many of them in the superlative. Danube Delta is the youngest land of Europe. Considering its size, Danube Delta is ranking in the second place after Volga Delta. The largest and the most compact aria covered by reed from the world is to be found in Danube Delta (240.000 hectares). Danube Delta is a unique place not only from Europe but also from the entire world due to its great diversity and beautiful landscapes. It is a strange combination of running or stagnant waters with land.

The vegetation

Danube Delta’s vegetation is considered to be a tourist attraction. The aquatic vegetation is represented by all kind of floating plants (white water lilies, yellow water lilies), submerged plants (Potamogeton, Ceratophyllum) or by reed. The land vegetation is represented by riverside coppices (willows, poplars), sand plants, and salty land plants. The forests called by the locals “hasmacuri” which can be found on the marine sand dunes Letea and Caraorman are very interesting. These forests are made of oaks, poplars, ashes, elm trees, climbing plants like Periploca graeca, Vitis silvestris, Hedra helix and they look like tropical forests.

The fauna

Danube Delta is acknowledged as the “Bird paradise”. There over 310 species of birds in Danube Delta: cormorants, pelicans, wild ducks, heron, egrets, white and black swans, eagles, common herons, woodcocks and spoonbills. Among these over 80 species of birds are migratory, Danube Delta being a crossroad of six migratory routes.

Among the mammals we can count hermines, minks, wild cats, foxes and wild boars. The ichthyofauna is represented by over 160 species of fish (mackerels, pikes, pike perches, carps, sheatfishes, crucian carps), the sturgeons (white sturgeons, stor sturgeons, common sturgeons, starlets) being the most appreciated as the caviar is considered to be a culinary dainty.

Danube Delta was declared a natural protected Biosphere Reservation, being included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The main tourist regions which were accepted by the Administration of Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation are: Letea-C.A.Rosetti, Chilia-Pardina, Matita-Bogdaproste, Gorgova-Uzlina, Rosu-Puiu, Grindul Lupilor-Chituc, Mila 36-23, the coastline (Sulina, Sfantu Gheorghe, Portita).


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