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Castles & Palaces

The Bran Castle

Location: in Bran locality, 28 km far from Brasov.

The castle was built in 1377-1378 by Ludovic I Anjou on top of the Bran Hillock. In 1427 Sigismund I of Luxembourg, the king of Hungary enters in possession of the castle. In 1448 the castle becomes the property of Iancu de Hunedoara. During 1498-1878 the Bran Castle belonged to the people of Brasov. Initially the castle had military purpose that of defending the vital way which connected Brasov town with Campulung town but it also had a commercial role as it functioned as a custom point. On the 1st of December 1920 the City Council of Brasov donated the castle to Quinn Maria of Romania. During 1920-1927 the castle was restored under the supervision of Carol Liman, the Royal Court's architect who transforms it into a beautiful summer residence, surrounded by a park with promenade aisles, a lake, fountains, terraces. In 1948 the castle enters in the state's possession and starting with 1956 houses the Feudal History and Art Museum. In 1961 was opened an out-door ethnographic section.



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